What are you thirsty for?

by Olufunmilayo

Winter is almost over.

As the weather gets better, it means I can cycle again. My long-distance cycling takes me as far as 25 km away from my house some days. I particularly love this, because it means I have time alone to sync and vibe with my thoughts as I breezily ride through narrow trails. It’s also a time when I can listen to messages and just pray under my breath. Lately, I decided to stop taking any water with me on my long trips to train my lungs better. And I think today, it was a bit of an error. After cycling for about 1 hour 30 minutes, I was still about 40 minutes away from home. I could not take it anymore. I needed some water.

I ran into a pharmacy store and the cheapest bottle of water was $1.09. I only had a $1 bill on me. Poor me. So, I begged (shamefully lol) the store attendant, and he said it was okay. As soon as I got out of the store, I took off my mask. I downed 75% of the water in 2 gulps, squeezing the bottle as though my life depended on it. As I was staring into the parking lot drinking the rest of my water, a Honda Truck drove in. I saw a dog sitting at the front seat looking at me. The truck was also very dirty. Although it was black, it looked brown from dust.

The driver of the car stopped in front of me and I noticed he was a handsome-looking young white guy. He then greeted me with a smile. He said he was from a state about 1800 miles from where we were, and he was wondering if the pharmacy had alcohol. I greeted him back and said I didn’t think so. Then he asked if I knew where he could get alcohol around the area. I was about to answer that I did not live in the area and I didn’t drink alcohol (again), and so did not know where he could get. But for some reason, it was like at that moment an inspiration dawned. I knew exactly where he could get some. I went on to describe a large store I had passed quite often. The store sold just spirits and wine, and it was about a 1-minute drive away from where we were. My mind had over time spot-marked the place unconsciously, but I was not even aware I had that knowledge. He thanked me and drove away.

As soon as he left, I realized we were two random people who met in life for just 1 minute or less.  And we had both stopped at the same place because we were simply thirsty. As I got on my bike and cycled in the direction which he had gone, I saw him drive into the parking lot of the liquor store. I was happy I had helped a stranger. But then my heart pricked me a little and I thought, perhaps I could have shared Jesus with him.

After getting home, that encounter agitated my mind. I thought about all the people of the world. How we are all in search of something, thirsty for something. Some of us would go to any length to get what we need. In my case, I begged for what I thirsted for – water. The handsome stranger I met drove around and asking for what he thirsted for – alcohol. Some other people might run around for other thirsts they have – women, porn, cigarettes, parties, gossip/gist, church, prayers, jobs, school, money, sex, etc.

Then comes Jesus.

John 7:37: On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.”


Beyond our physical thirst for the pleasures the world has to offer, at the heart of our deepest thirsts lies a need for God. Come. There is a call every day from Jesus to us, to bring any thirst to him and drink. Come. Only him can truly satisfy our longings and quell our inordinate thirsts with His living water. Come.

Whatever you are thirsting for, would you take it to Jesus today to fill you with his drink?

Come. And. Drink.

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