We want to be better

Shall We Pray?

Lord, we want to be better in our relationships.

Deliver your church from the pressure of romance. Restore true friendship to our fold. Let us not see every smiling face as an invitation to cast romantic lot. Let us not build castles of imagination over friendly hugs.  Let us not turn our prayer walks to breezy, night walks without purpose. We want to be better, O Lord.

Deliver us from men whose language of love is control, from those who fiddle with our feelings. Save our fragile hearts from our own naivety, from that innocent insistence to see the world through the pane of our misplaced hope. If we must keep faith, let us not do so at the environment of con men, of evasive brothers, of those who feed their narcissistic urge with their slippery whispers of confusion to our emotions.

Let us not be a pliable toy to those who revel in whipping the clouds around us but never raining; to those whose sense of pride and esteem is only affirmed when we have become tasty and thirsty for what we saw and wished was spoken. Give us that sense of value, of wholeness, of fullness, of love, independent of anyone or romance. Let us not need anyone to complete us, or scramble for the deceptive narratives of better halves. Let us see that we are indeed whole, blessed and complete in Christ. Let our reach for complementary relationships come from this understanding.

May we be wise enough to discern hogwash; to listen to you, our Father, and reject nonsense. May we not enable dangerous lies in the name of love, fickle boundaries in the name of trust, nor ephemeral sweetness in the name of likeness. Let us halt, reject and nip careless, suggestive words in the bud, with boldness, in godly fear, in brotherly love. May our men be better; to only say what they mean, only when they have thought things through and are decisive about love and interest.

Let us not always talk about beautiful hair and lips and broad shoulders and manly heights and contours as though these are spiritual gifts and service worthy of commendation. Help us, O Lord, not to stir the waters of love too early, not to take advantage of trust, of vulnerability conferred by our shared fellowship. If it is a moment of weakness, let us be honest about it, to sorrow over it, to apologise for it, and then repent from it. If it is a pattern, let us see that it is evil, that it is vile, that it can never be right, nor of you, O Lord. Keep us from desperation, from distraction, from an unchecked, unbiblical pressure to live our lives according to societal expectations.

O Lord, we want to do better.

We want to be better spouses. We bring our hearts before you. May we remain committed to our vows and integrity of our unions. When we drift into the arena of lusts, of cheating, let us put in check our feelings of potential infidelity, and love the ones you have indeed gifted us. Deliver us from greed and fiery passions. May we not lack contentment.

Lord, we are simply asking this morning to deliver us from us.

In Jesus’ name….


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  1. Hmmmmmm Amen Amen and Amen , please let this true talk in prayer form go Vera . God bless you
    I know you must be experience . Honestly you can make it a small prayer booklet for singles

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