We want more

Shall we pray?

O Lord, we want more. Deliver us from mere religion. Save us from an organised system of orthodox convenience; from a spiritual experience that finds comfort in kept doctrines. Deliver us from “programmes”; from the false sense of wellness because we feel we are fulfilling purpose. Even though we love the altar and delight in sacrifice; stir us still, make us unable to reconcile ourselves to the continued absence of fire. We just don’t want to pick sticks, set stones, rearrange pieces and care less about the sign of fire upon the top of our lofty Carmel. Deliver us from us.

O Lord, we want more. We don’t want to preach or teach the word, to argue the fundamentals of the faith year after year while our lives lack the manifest presence, while nothing unusual thrives in our personal lives. We don’t want to make extraordinary claims while we live an ordinary life. Save us from an anointed ministry with a rotten inner life; untested heart and unconquered appetites. Help us to look up and be truly fed. We are back on our knees this morning. Lord, we want more.

As the deer pants after the waterbrooks, so pants our soul after thee, O God. Our soul thirsts for God, for the living God… Our soul thirsts for thee in a dry and thirsty land where no water is; to see thy power and thy glory.

O God, deliver us this day from dryness!

In Jesus name


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