We have a friend in Jesus

Shall We Pray?

Lord, in you, let us seek a friend.

Let us cease from seeking validation from men who only need us for their own battles. Teach us, as your children, to lean on you. For cursed is anyone who puts his trust in man. Let us cease from fighting alone; to hold you by the hand, to walk with you through the thorny paths, through the crooked ways, through the gold-paved streets, through the valleys of shadowy death, through pains and palaces, fearing no man, hurting no man, drowning no voice; just being with you; with life, with rest, with joy, with peace. Where can we go from your Spirit? Let it be clear to us that even if we ascend into heaven, you are there. If life makes our bed for us in the deepest part of hell, you are there. If we take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, your hand will surely lead us, and your right hand will hold us. Let us cease from the lie that we are alone.

Lord, in you, let us find a friend.

Not just as the word says, but as we truly experience. We want to see you in the fire. We want to touch you in the den of lions. We want to look upon you on the mount. We want to hold you in the valley. We want to hug you when the tears are hot, and hear you sing to our souls when the smiles are warm. We want to shift the focus of our pain. Be the one we can shift it to. What is the language of praise in our pains? Although the fig trees shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls, O Lord, let us yet rejoice in you. Be the friend who is the strength of our salvation. Let us exhaust our wisdom, our strength, our will; be the one that melts away our pains like candle beside a fire. Let us cease from the lie that we do not deserve you.

Lord, in you, let us see that we have that friend.

A sure friend. A present help. A firm rock. A steady anchor. For our souls. O yes, let us see. Let us see that you are a friend with no mood swings nor judgmental silence. A friend who suffers long and never gives up on hope. A friend who truly cares and doesn’t make relationships about himself. A friend whose voice ricochets through sour silences and nagging noises. A friend who intercedes not accuses. A friend we can talk to anytime, anywhere, somewhere; beyond here, and still is there. Let us see that you are a friend who sees beyond our pasts and simply asks us to trust. A friend that is constant in love, instant on request, adamant in commitment, brilliant in support. A friend who understands our highest thrills and still stays with us at our lowest points. Let us cease from the lie that you are not that to us and much more.

Lord, in you, help us to be close to being that friend to someone.

In Jesus’ name….


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