My soul is an Abyss of pain
Widening daily as I wallow in what I call love
My love, my pain, my heart, my shame
All one and in the same casket has throve

It wasn’t so in the beginning
I remember happiness in once-upon-a-time
I felt your eyes all over me shining with the fiercest beam
Now as you thrust deep all I see are the insincere smiles

Why does love feel yet so cold
Perhaps my growing hate would warm me so
Or maybe death should do justice and grab a hold
But then what lies in the grave is uncertain too

Through this all I hear a familiar sound from the distance
That still small voice saying, “I’m here”
How then is it, it sounds so afar this instance
I listen carefully, and reckon it’s my father saying, “come near”

-Sharon Dee ‘19

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