Unrequited [2]

by Olufunmilayo


He stared into her eyes adoringly, and she could feel the unsaid words.

She looked away; his piercing eyes made her feel uncomfortable.

She knew how much he loved her, but she did not love him back.

She liked him, but not enough to choose him only.

He told her he could not give her the world, but could promise her heaven.

She wanted the world now and would think about heaven later.

But he told her – “My time is running out.”


He told her he was 33, yet he did not have his apartment but squatted with others.

She often wondered what his real purpose was, and why he cared so much for others.

He never thought about his own well-being, but went about doing good.

He put a smile on other’s faces, yet he was a man of many sorrows.

Some moment she felt some tenderness for him, but it quickly fizzled because he was poor.

She always joked about being fickle and vain, yet he never for once stopped his love pursuit for her.

Then he told her – “I would give you a new heart.”


She winced as she opened her eyes, the white lights she saw were blinding her.

She thought she saw an angel walking towards her – but it was a doctor in a white coat.

Two weeks before, she had collapsed and had since been in a coma from her 7th heart failure.

A surprise donor came through, after 10 years of waiting in line for a heart donor.

She closed her eyes and let the tears run freely, she knew only “him” could have made such a sacrifice

She desperately wanted to see him and tell him for once – “I love you

But he left a short note saying– “Use my heart as I would have.”





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