The Secret Sauce.

by Kemi Abimbola-Ojenike


What is it that makes special people special? Sometimes, as a believer, it seems there’s a secret we are missing that some others have. Why does he seem to be praying better than I am? Why is she not dealing with the same things I am struggling with? We ask these questions as we subconsciously accept the partial picture of other people’s lives as the full story. We determine that we must be missing something, or perhaps we are just not that special. Slowly, our life’s journey doesnt carry much value in our eyes.

Other times, we read the Bible like a story book, unable to relate with the people in it. Take Joseph for starters. How did he manage all that hardship? How did he stay cool and committed to God when in jail for a crime he did not commit? How did he resist the urge to punish his wicked brothers thoroughly when he had the chance? We could wonder the same for Samuel, an all round good guy who served God all his life, or David,the faulty man after God’s heart. What made them so different that they made the cut and became references for generations to come?

Well, these people had something in common. They had God. Not just in the general sense of believing in Him.They had His presence.

‘ Joseph…the Lord was with him and caused everything he did to succeed. Genesis 39:23b

‘Samuel …the Lord was with him, and everything he said proved to be reliable.
1 Samuel 3:19

‘David…continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him.
1 Samuel 18:14 NLT

They didn’t have any super abilities. They were just as human as we are. Yet, they carried God’s presence, so that the darkest days did not swallow them, and the deepest waters did not overtake them.

That presence is still so available to us, but somehow, we are unavailable. God’s presence requires a commitment. The commitment of time and obedience. The very things we struggle so much to give. Instead, we end up preferring to spend time comparing ourselves with others, distracted by meaningless things, when we can just sit with Him, learn, absorb His life and love until we shed our own limitations and truly begin living.

The things that keep you from His presence are the greatest enemy. And no, I don’t mean a religious observance. I mean time invested in a relationship with the One who is greater than the greatest, yet waits patiently to hear about your day, and to show you what to do.

His presence. That is the secret sauce.

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