The Bad Dream

by Sharon Dee

I woke sweating and deeply confused- it was winter yet I felt hot, and my heater wasn’t even on. What did my dream mean? – I tried to shrug it off, went to pee and opened my You-version app to Read the Bible in one-year devotional for the day, I wasn’t even sure what I read. I went into the bathroom, and as the shower ran, the thought of my dream kept running through my head and tears streaming down my eyes about what it could mean. No God!! No!!!! You can’t do this to me, No!!! There must be another meaning, yes, there has to be. So, as I bathed, I started interpreting my dream and speaking slowly in tongues, just the way I wanted it to be.

So, let me give you a brief background of myself. I’m Sade Buraimoh, and I’ve had my deep moments with God. But then, what can I say life happens, so my relationship with God has been off and on, but one day soon, I’m going to be fully on- very soon I’ll be fully back on track. I’m also a dreamer, I pretty much dream about people- most especially people who are about to undergo a tragic incident- I see it before and warn them.  I told my mum I dreamt Abacha would die precisely a week before he did- I was still a kid then, but there was no way I could warn him. Don’t let me go down the history lane, but I’ll give myself 85% in my accuracy of dreams.

In February this year, I became 32, I don’t like telling people my real age, but I’ll pass for 24 anytime, thanks to my baby face. I had prayed so hard that my boyfriend of 5 years would propose this year- Pastor Poju has said this year is for our Quantum leap- so I believe and receive. I had obeyed everything God had said, I moved out of our shared apartment and committed to living purely this year. Lord knows, housing in NY is expensive, that’s why I pray we get married soon, so these expenses of living alone again can go down. We had started going to church together, praying together- we were in a good place at least- not perfect, but in a fairly-good, godly place. Dammit, this dream, where is it coming from then???

In the dream, I was on a journey late at night and I needed to find a place to put my bags, have a warm shower and then sleep. So, I found myself in a nice hotel. As I entered the first room, I saw my ex, Tope, laughing and in high spirits in a nice but unkempt setting. He said I should drop my bags and have a drink. His hotel room was full of a lot of half-filled bottles of all kinds of drinks. I got a glass and as I poured myself a drink, it smelt very stale like it had been opened two weeks before and left unrefrigerated. I told him there was no way I could drink it, he laughed it off and told me, that’s what I’m going to find everywhere. So, I had better enjoy the party with him. I picked up my bags and moved on. The next two rooms I checked, I met other exs in the same condition as Tope. I was really getting tired and desperate, so I checked one more room.

The last room I checked was bare and empty, no piece of furniture, just bare curtains on the wall. Clearly it was a good room, but it seemed like it had remained unoccupied for about 5 years. The floor was very dusty. I sighed to myself and dropped my bags. At least this place is quiet, I said to myself. I’ll lay a piece of cloth on the ground and sleep here. I desperately needed a warm shower, I went into the adjoining room, there was a tap in the bathtub, no shower, I turned it on to see if there was water- alas, it was running well, but it was cold, I waited for a couple of minutes for the water to get warm, but it never did. And that’s when I woke.

So back to this moment, as I dried my tears and decided I knew the interpretation of my dream- God wanted me to work on my relationship, yes, it was bare, unfilled and cold, but I could fix it, I could manage it, and I could make it work. After all, we all need to put work into our relationships. Mine was no different, it wasn’t perfect, but I think it will suffice.

I dressed up and went to visit him. It was a beautiful weekend, we were going to shop today and talk about our future. I knew it, I could feel it. As I stepped into his apartment, he said- “Sade sit, we need to talk about something”. I smiled, perhaps it was the conversation I had always wanted. But as I looked at his face, it looked a tad bit too serious. He looked at me and said, “This isn’t working for me, we don’t connect well, I can’t go ahead, except I feel the connection.”

Suddenly, I knew the right interpretation of my dream- I hadn’t found my home. This relationship wasn’t prepared for me. I sighed picked up myself and knew my days of singleness weren’t over yet- but I knew I had to obey, God had once again spoken, this time for me through my dream. I was going to oblige.

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  1. Outstanding post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Cheers!

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