Some Personal Notes (20)

The Significant Moments.

In my last note, I wrote about the God of little moments, moments we often ignore and flip over. However, the God of little moments is also the God of significant moments.  

I am thinking of that night, eleven years ago, under the shy moon, when my fellowship went on evangelism at some remote village. The prayer band team had kept vigil, as usual, praying, interceding, when suddenly, a mighty wave of the Spirit’s move swept across; like tongues of fire sitting on men, people began to speak in unknown tongues, prophesying, singing, crying, shrieking, screaming. I had never seen anything like it in my life. For long hours, people were literally drunk in the Spirit, unrestrained, unfettered, unstoppable. As the secretary of the team, I had to run around, writing prophetic declarations, moving from faint speakers to loud ones, bearing the message of the Spirit to the unit leader who was leading the meeting. Through it all, I felt nothing. I had nothing. No tongue. No prophesy. No shrill. No shriek. No tear.  It felt like I was busying in the kitchen while others lounged at Jesus’ feet. It felt like I was the only one who was lost.

I remember, quite vividly, how I hid my face in tears when the atmosphere had calmed and said, “God, please don’t end like this; don’t pass me by. I feel nothing.” Then the unit leader called me when he was about to round off, asked me to stand in the middle and requested that everyone pray for me. Without being told, people held hands and began swinging in circles, their motion was like poetry, in perfect symphony. It was a beautiful sight, and it was inside that formed ring, under the clouds of prayer that the Lord spoke to me through His son. “Today marks your coming of age….,” he said. That day, ministry was birthed. I remember telling them in my home church few months back, when I had the privilege to preach, not to judge my spiritual health by my ministrations. God’s gifting of eleven years ago is unrepentant and it remains faithful to the giver, irrespective of my realities as the receiver. Apparently, God had told the brother that day he was handing over to me, the weak, fragile, inconsistent, baby-Christian, whose only attraction was perhaps his baby face. But that moment was my significant moment in stepping into my ministry. The rest is not history.

There are key significant moments in our Christian experience that are both personal and supernatural. These moments are like encounters with God meant to strengthen our faith. Significant moments come in different shades and sights. It can be big or small, loud or quiet. But we rarely forget them, just like when the gospel of salvation found us in its simplicity and clarity. The goal is not to fret or be under pressure to have them, for in the heat of our personal relationship and love affair with God, they naturally come, starting with our daily devotion.

Significant moments are seminal meets that often birth certain callings, phases, ministries or dimensions.

I am thinking of Jacob wrestling an angel.

I am thinking of Moses and the burning bush.

I am thinking of Isaiah Chapter 6.

I am thinking of Jesus and that baptism at Jordan (If we are being honest, too many to count).

I am thinking of Paul on the Damascus road or in the desert.

I am thinking of Peter and Jesus; on the boat and at the courtyard of betrayal.

I am thinking of John on the Island of Patmos.

I am thinking and thinking and thinking….

Those were significant moments, defining encounters, with varied reactions, responses and results: holy fear, godly reverence, true worship, gratitude, repentance, humility, brokenness, courage…. For no significant moment leaves you unturned or unchanged.

What are your significant moments?

What’s been your response?

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