Some Personal Notes (17)

Pray or Fade Away

“…that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” – Luke 18:1b (KJV)

Until you pray, you haven’t prayed.

The man who is weak in prayers is weak in life-giving forces. He might speak from the wisdom of the books, with dotted poetic lines of florid words, but that is what it is – fancy, flowery but frosty; lacking spiritual breath and divine power. Letters not life. But there is a heart touched by heavenly coals; purified, graced, humbled, crucified, with marked freshness and depth. It is a heart dipped in unutterable cries, carried on the wings of the Spirit, closet-trapped in groans and sweats of fellowship, a praying heart. Such heart faints not. It sins not. Rather, it soars. It stirs. It speaks.

For it is in praying that you learn to pray more. We might learn from the word that no true prayer can be offered without the clear recognition of God’s fatherhood. That is true. We might learn the patterns and types of prayers, what could or should precede what; how, why, where, when. It might grip our hearts to know an Apostle prayed more in tongues than a whole church; that the Son of God prayed, of the fewness and fullness of his words, of his blood-like sweats in the silent hour of need, of alone moments of fellowship, “And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone…” – Mathew 14:23. We see and are inspired. For the word has its place.

But until you pray, you haven’t prayed.

As central as breathing is to sustenance of physical life, so is praying to our spiritual life.

There are no either-or vicissitudes to spiritual potency. If there is at all, it is an either-or of the order of life and death or of day and night. You either lea(r)n on or not.

You either pray or fade away.

You either pray or die.

For the Lord has spoken…

There would be a move of God in the coming months. There would be an outpouring upon God’s people. It would be unprecedented. You will see people withdrawing deliberately into their closets, noises fading on social media, vain arguments losing their grip on God’s children, people will be carefully rebuilding ruins, restoring waste places, declaring the acceptable year of the Lord. They will be giving to wholesome teaching, preaching the gospel and defending the honour of true doctrines. Tongues will be set ablaze. Young men shall see visions, young women will dream dreams. The Spirit of the Lord will stir the hearts of many like before. Tears of passion will be heard in walled houses. Loud voices of hungry men in open fields. For the word of the Lord shall be shut up in the bones of men like fire. They would not resist the hunger that is about to shake the rituals in God’s church.

God will be raising an army of praying men.

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