Some Personal Notes (12)

by Oyindamola Fatusin

The Deception of Intelligence

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” – Proverbs 14:12

Growing up in children’s church, teachings on this scripture only focused on unbelievers. It was about how they considered their sinful ways to be right, without knowing that their path led only to destruction. Over the years I have come see another side to this scripture, that even as believers we could be going on with life according to our own terms, making decisions based on our knowledge alone.

True, our ability to think, reason and create as humans is God-given. It is a proof of God’s love for us. But there may be situations where based on all we know to be right, we settle for the second best in our quest without really knowing it.

As creatures of habit by nature, we use experience as a measuring stick of how and where we desire to go. This has some very good applications and has served us well in many areas. However, to my point from earlier, we settle for second best.

We depend so much on our intelligence, neglecting the omniscient ability of God. Man (even the wisest of us) has a blind spot, we can only know as much as we see or hear.

As humans, we do not have a 360-degree view of life.

In this age of information overload with the ability to gather so much on any subject in seconds, there is a growing culture of laziness among young people.

There is now a rise of believers who consider eloquent display of words and cunningly framed opinions alternatives to seeking God’s wisdom. We have priced experiential knowledge over real time instruction received through seeking God.

So, we would rather diligently google life situations than search the scriptures for answers.

There is also a tribe of Christians who believe that the indwelling of the spirit of God guarantees that they would always make the right decisions by default. Scripture describes the Holy Spirit as gentle, He will impose nothing on us. We must learn to engage Him in prayer. If we would show forth the manifold wisdom of God on earth, we must humble ourselves to seek His ways. We must be willing to lay down our crowns of knowledge and surrender to God’s wisdom in prayer.

The power to look away from our lofty intelligence to seek God’s face concerning anything excels the world’s greatest civilization.

Can we look away from our wealth of experience to gaze upon His word?

Can we spend little planning and scheming our own ways, so we can give ourselves more to prayers?

The life we live is a memory in God. He is not thrilled by our discoveries neither is He surprised at our inventions. The things that escape the wise, are bare before His eyes.

The way to life or death?

The choice is ours.

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