Nothing dies in our hands

Shall We Pray?

Lord, in 2020, nothing you give dies in our hands.

As we stand by the shore of opportunities, gazing at our sunshine in the horizon, may the wave of death not sweep us away. For only the living thrives.

Lord, when we sit among kings, as our giftings make way for us, may the wave of pride not raise our shoulders. For heaven is far from the heart of the proud.

Lord, when we walk through the valley of shadow of death, saying like the Psalmist that we are not alone, may the wave of doubt not make the shadows real. For only the just shall live by faith.

Lord, when we run to win, realising that not everyone crosses the finish line, may the wave of complacency not blow over our sense of purpose. For only those who endure wins the prize.

Lord, when we sing in the congregation of men, making melodies of praise and thanksgiving, may the wave of tragedies not turn our sweet sounds to dirges. For a sorrowful heart lacks the sparkles of light.

Lord, when we see the true colour of love, shining like a lone star in the galaxies, may the wave of fear not steal our voice. For he who has no courage to love, knows only loss.

In this coming year…. Lives are kept. Dreams are nurtured. The vision thrives. The seeds grow. The fields are green. Opportunities come. Love happens. Healing waves blow. Sins fade. O Lord, nothing dies in our hands. If anything, let it be for the resurrection of the new, for the revival ahead, like a grain of wheat destined for growth.

When the waves come, may our peace survive.

In Jesus’ name….


4 Replies to “Nothing dies in our hands

  1. When the times harden, and options become straightened, only to seek hope to fight on in your living word, may the wave of realities not dampen our convictions of the power of the Word.

    May nothing die, may nothing die. So help us LORD that nothing dies in our hands.

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