Lord, we know you care

Shall We Pray?

Thank you, Jesus because you are our friend. Thank you because you are for us.

You’re not looking at us and expecting us to make mistakes so that you can deal with us. Your joy is not in our failures. Our faltering is not the colour of your excitement. No. You are a loving father. You are not thinking, “This one asks for mercy too much.” No. You are thinking, “How can I open their eyes to see I have given them power to do this?”

You are not tired of us.

We know that a good parent doesn’t get tired of hugging their children. You encourage us to get up when we fall. You speak through the fading songs and fearful shadows. When our strength is gone and darkness is come, from our ashes, you still see our beauty rising. For when our faith faints and our feet falters, your voice rises above the clouds. You will always come running, with a loving heart and a tearful hope.

The first thing you said to us when you created us was not ‘thou shall not’, instead it was a proclamation of blessing: ‘be fruitful…’ Your intention for creating us was made known when you said, “Let’s make a creature that will be in our image and like us.” That intention has not changed.

Lord, you created us to be undefeated by nothing. Not sin. Not sickness. Not poverty of the mind. Nothing. We are made to be unstoppable in doing your will. You created us to reign over the issues of life by the power of the Holyspirit.

We empty ourselves of our pride to learn from you this day.

In Jesus’ name.


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