by Kemi Abimbola-Ojenike

The human body is a masterpiece of interconnected parts. Sometimes a sudden external occurrence received by the eyes or ears can paralyse all movement. Other times, it is a thought, introduced over time or in one significant event. The thought is emboldened by one potent element- fear.

Fear is a force that can hold back the greatest dream, or the best solution. I remember once, being so consumed with the fear of saying the wrong thing, that I could not bring myself to take action. The fear of the many ‘what ifs’ had me parlyzed- what if I make a fool of myself? What if I say the wrong thing?and on and on and on.

The grip of fear can keep us rooted in the exact same spot, preferring to stay small and limited than to brave the unknown, filled with thoughts of all that could go wrong. Fear diminishes us, making us sad, vulnerable and unable to reach for true meaning.

The Lord Jesus knew the limiting power of fear, hence the Bible compels us 365 times, not to be afraid. Even more important, Jesus gave us the perfect remedy for fear- Himself. Beyond quoting Bible verses on fear, embrace the reality of why fear is incompatible with your destiny. Do you not believe the Lord? Do you not trust that the uncreated Creator is competent enough to take care of you? Do you, by your fear, question His ability and His love? Fear is an affront to the love of Jesus for you. It questions His reliability and His best thoughts for you. How will you answer the questions fear present before you? 

Like Jesus asked Peter in Matthew 14:31, He asks you, ‘why do you doubt me’? Jesus is the reason your fears hold no power. He says to you in Isaiah 41:10, Fear not, for I am with you. What if they happen? What if they do not happen? Worrying about them will not alter the outcome. It will only magnify the problem, robbing you of peace. Change focus. Look at the One who knew you before you were. 

And in the name of He who loves you more than Himself, unfreeze.

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