Dubai Episodes

by Titilola Edu

II. Our Christmas Story

Sometimes I think I’m cursed with the “waking up early” syndrome. My spirit and soul reject it but my body will just not listen. We slept at 5am that morning with the plan to wake up at 1pm latest so we could enjoy Christmas Day. We had no activity planned but shopping for groceries seemed a good idea. But as usual I woke up 2 hours before time. Ghanny was still sleeping, so was Lolu. I envied them. I decided to join my fellow millennial in wasting my precious time scrolling through Instagram and WhatsApp. I was sharing and replying Christmas messages.  Tedious I tell you, that replying business.

Anyways, at 1pm I went to “pull the blinds”….you know the way Oyinbo people pull curtains in the morning and then the person on the bed is supposed to stir. I looked back at my friends , they didn’t even move. Typical Nigerian girls. Mscheewww.

You people wake up o! It’s 1pm.

No response. “Hellooooo!”

Omololu! Ghanny!

Small movement. After several attempts to constitute a nuisance, they got up.

After dressing up, we decided to explore the hotel.

Getting ready to step out

We found the gym, promised to visit before the end of our stay(we never did), the pool was at the rooftop with a lovely view of some parts of the City. I was giddy with excitement… Soon, I will be soaking in the pool. I’m not exactly sure whether to say I can swim or not but I can “move” from one end to the other as long as my feet can find the ground when I decide to “berth”. I took swimming serious when I almost drowned at a school party in Uni.

Time out at the gym

We stepped out to go grocery shopping. We wanted to cook Jollof Rice, after all it was Christmas. After several miss and turns we found the store the pool guy had described. They had everything in this store; well, everything except Chicken.

Chicken was our problem.

Armed with several clothes and other Jollof rice ingredients, we continued our search for Chicken.

We entered the second store, left with more clothes and still no chicken.

The contrast to Naija is nothing short of amazing! You can literally buy chicken next door! It was just annoying. We sha had to go to Carrefour in Deira City Center to buy Chicken. It was already about 7pm at this time o.

We would later find out that we could push the Cart  from the mall to our hotel which was about 10 minutes walking distance away but in the meantime we packed all of our shopping bags—planned and unplanned for—and made our way back to the hotel panting from exhaustion.

Shopping from store to store

In Naija, Maruwas(tricycle) and Okadas (bikes) are always around the corner, no need to be walking upandan.  Oyinbo people can walk sha! No wonder they are mostly fit and we are not.

Omololu cooked the Jollof rice that night but we didn’t eat it because a friend came to take us out to eat Japanese rice. After all the wahala.

Japanese dinner at the mall

Titilola is a Legal practitioner, storyteller and creative writer. She describes herself as an introverted extrovert and a rice and stew enthusiast. She is positive minded, growth oriented and a passionate lover of God. Her IG handle is @ttlawla

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