A tenty heart

Shall We Pray?

Lord, give us a tent-y heart.

Teach us to place no godly value on anything without eternal worth. Help us to hold on to nothing; if anything, only unto you as everything we need. Let us understand that our walk here is only a passing shadow, an ephemeral journey. For we look forward to a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is you, O God. Let us come to the promised land, to fulfilled prophecies with a tenty heart not an entitled one. Let our experience of progress inspire a sense of gratitude not a change to bad attitude.

Give us a tenty heart, O Lord.

Let nothing of this world, devoid of you, satisfy us. Nothing. Let us decrease that you might increase. Let us see through the eyes of eternity and be reminded that the glamour and attraction of this world shall all be salted with fire. Teach us to enjoy every passing moment, conscious of our liberty but taking responsibility that we would give account for every idle word and actions. When we are tempted to compromise, let us be reminded that we are only pilgrims here. When we are tempted to be lazy, let no words be truer than the reality that, “time is going”.

A tenty heart Lord, in the midst of melting or ebbing love, fleeting shadows or brightening colours. A tenty heart Lord, when success soothes and failures seek to depress. A tenty heart Lord, when the bare chests are calling and the sexy eyes are drawing. A tenty heart Lord, when the hailing voices of friends and fans are deafening, and the acidic words of critics and foes seem to drown us. Let it be clear to us that just like the valley of death is only a shadow so is the reality of our times and experiences here.

Give us a tenty heart, Lord.

For the days are short. Let us be engulfed by the urgency of time, by the dire ticking time for unsaved souls. Stir us to move out to preach the gospel; for sacrifices and offering thou wouldest not, for giving and morality cannot replace…. Let us tell the world a body thou hast indeed prepared, Jesus thou has given. And anyone who repents and believes in Him shall be saved. For the knowledge of God and His dear son shall cover the earth.

In Jesus name….


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