A New Year Note

As always, we start the year this way:

We have been to Jesus at various times with various motives. Like the self-confessed legalists, we have dragged sinners caught in the act before Him. We demanded judgement. But with a sentence He broke us. He reminded us that even the best of our works can’t measure up to His standard. He reminded us that there is a log in our eye to remove before we gleefully lit the torch to the beam in someone else’s. He reminded us that when we are in sync with the Father, the best sermons aren’t necessarily the longest. “He who is without sin should cast a stone.” And now, a new season breaks upon us. It is a season Jesus reminds us, “Neither do I condemn you…”

He speaks to soothe the grieving heart, burdened by the guilt of sin. He speaks to the depressed, condemned by the religious whispers of his conscience. For He is greater than our hearts. God did not send His son to condemn the world but to save. He says, “Go and sin no more.” For we know that a silent indication of a life in relationship with Jesus, and not just the one only emboldened by the knowledge of His finished works, is how such treats the matter of sin and grace. For we know that He doesn’t only forgive but equally empowers to live His life. It was a classic reminder of God’s grace: “For sin shall no longer have dominion over you, for ye are not under the law, but under grace.” For if there is really a sin problem, it is a knowledge problem.

And so, He still invites us to Come. All ye that are weary, Come. All ye that thirst, Come. All ye that know no rest, Come. All ye that are heavy laden, Come.

Let us therefore be like Peter this season. Let us come with a defined purpose. When others depart for the hardness of truth, we’d still stay. When others seek only a utilitarian God during recession, our heart’s cry will be clear. When the miracle of bread is finished and the truth of the kingdom stares us clearly, we go nowhere; for we know nowhere….

For if the last days be upon us, and the Spirit quietly whispers, “Will you also go away?”

We would humbly reply, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Only you have the words of eternal life.”

This year is going to be all about Jesus. It unveils to us the revelation of our resurrected Lord – of His grace, truth and mercy!

And even now, we see and preach Jesus only.

Happy New Year!

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