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8 billion persons, and you count just as much as the rest! There is beauty in our lives, and the way we choose to live it. Our culture, diverse from people to people; and our faith, shape us, not so that we fit out of the world, but so we can provide fragrance, changing lives with pleasant touches, one at a time, till the whole world becomes a sweetly-scented affair. Let’s explore this beauty!

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Building up the perfect faith

The life of a believer is down to an initial step of faith and it requires a continuous walk in it. By consistently feeding on the revealed truth of God's word, we grow to enjoy the fullness of His promises and disciplines for an effective life of love and fulfilment.


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Seun Abimbola

I am a lover and culture enthusiast. That may not make the best of descriptions, but at the very core of my existence is the understanding that my fulfilment is inextricably tied to giving each person I meet a reason to smile and have hope that the world can be good.

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